City Attorney’s Office,

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the FWPD OIA’s handling of my two sworn complaints. 

The OIA continues to direct its investigative efforts onto Det. [REDACTED]. This maneuvering places the OIA in conflict with the understanding of the Attorney General (see attached) and FBI (whom I have met in person) and every state and U.S. senator and representative in our county, who by now have received certified packages that contain clear evidence of obstruction of justice committed by members of the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office. 

My hope is that the OIA will acknowledge what happened and update its stance to reflect the understanding of an increasing number of public officials and law enforcement agencies. According to two FWPD officers and the DA’s own documentation, a wealthy local family used their DA connections to strong-arm two FWPD officers toward the aim of separating a small child from her father.

If that were not enough, the DA, through its State Disclosure, insulted Det. [REDACTED] by describing her as having a history of not being responsive. I have personally viewed every employee record of hers, and I can say that she had no such reputation.  

My lawyer Sean Lynch will gladly communicate the ongoing efforts that this family and their army of lawyers have gone through to use the fruits of their strongarming to separate this child from her paternal family through family courts.

Det. [REDACTED] was the victim of strongarming by members of the DA and potentially members of our police force. The individuals who interfered, strongarmed, and ultimately dictated how Det. [REDACTED] worked her case should be questioned, and charges of obstruction of justice should be considered where there is sufficient evidence. 

I wish for a full examination of my case to be conducted and for certain questions to be asked. 

Why did the sergeant describe the victim as having “countless DA connections.” Why were the FWPD complaints to ADA [REDACTED] never addressed? What were those complaints? Why is Tarrant County’s largest criminal defense firm listed as the connection between [REDACTED] and her “countless DA connections” by the DA and what role did family connections play in that connection?

I believe it is reasonable to allow my councilmember to view communications related to my initial investigation. If Lt. [REDACTED] is correct, and there was no evidence of wrongdoing, this should be a reasonable request. Any efforts to rectify this situation would be greatly appreciated by my family and me. 

Edward Brown

Jan 13, 2020


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