Update: An independent criminal investigator is inquiring into this case. 

Honorable DA Sharen Wilson,

I was advised by the Attorney General via the enclosed letter to contact your office to discuss documented interference in a FWPD investigation. The interference, according to your office and two FWPD officers, was conducted [by the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office] at the request of a local family that maintains close ties with the DA.

Please respond in writing that your office will or will not fulfill the AG’s request to appoint a District Attorney Pro Tem to act as a prosecutor in this matter.


Edward Brown

Jan 10, 2020






For further reading:

Obstruction of Justice in Tarrant County

The Obstruction of Justice Playbook



Edward Brown writes about music, arts, and news for a variety of publications. He’s an award-winning writer for the Fort Worth Weekly and volunteers for numerous Fort Worth nonprofits. He regularly contributes to Visit Fort Worth and Madeworthy Magazine. 


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