U.S. Department of Justice,

I wish to submit a complaint against Tarrant County District Attorney intake attorney REDACTED under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens like me from unreasonable seizures like the one that will be detailed.

On June 20, 2019, I was arrested by members of the Tarrant County Sheriff’s office under the charge of harassment Penal Code section 42.07.  The TCDA’s office sought the charges to fulfill a personal favor for a local wealthy family. 

I am the father of a REDACTED named REDACTED. The REDACTED family hid my daughter from me for the first two years of my life. REDACTED’s mother, REDACTED, sought and failed to bring harassment charges against me. The DA informed her that they would not accept her case on January 9, 2019. Through her uncle, REDACTED, REDACTED was connected with REDACTED. 

REDACTED and REDACTED connected Lindsay with ADA REDACTED, and the two met or communicated 10 times, according to the DA, over the next two months to conspire a plan to strongarm Fort Worth Police Department officers to comply with the wishes of this family. The REDACTED family, it should be noted, has and continues to delay an ongoing REDACTED in Tarrant County. 

FWPD Det. REDACTED understood REDACTED’s motivations were to separate a small child from her father. Her supervising sergeant, REDACTED, described subsequent strongarming by members of the DA who were working at the behest of the REDACTED (see attached). 

FWPD did not believe the elements of an offense had been met. ADA REDACTED called a meeting with REDACTED in mid-June 2019. At this meeting, he used the threat of case reassignment to compel Det. REDACTED to comply with the wishes of the REDACTED family. Since FWPD insisted that fathers have the right to communicate with the mother of their child about matters pertaining to their children, REDACTED found a loophole. 

He demanded that REDACTED sign a warrant for my arrest on the grounds that multiple unanswered phone calls to a middle-aged man (REDACTED father) constituted grounds for harassment. TCDA fields 50,000 alleged crimes per year and accepts an average of 10 harassment cases per year, according to data that I’ve collected. Harassment charges are exceedingly rare, and mine may be the only one in Texas history that involves unanswered phone calls over the course of a few hours to a grown man. 

My subsequent arrest was due to nepotism, public corruption, and criminal obstruction of justice committed by REDACTED. The Attorney General’s office (see attached) has provided information on how to find a DA pro tem to prosecute this matter, and I am contacting district county judges accordingly. 

Contacts for my case will be:

Denise Rodriquez (FWPD police monitor): denise.rodriguez@fortworthtexas.gov


REDACTED: 817-884-1400

DA Sharen Wilson: 817-884-1400

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