Update: This matter is being looked into by a criminal investigator.

DA Sharen Wilson,

I wish to file a sworn complaint against Criminal Division Chief Larry Moore. After reviewing Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office documents, speaking with a peace officer involved in my harassment case, observing verbal statements by [REDACTED]’s legal defense team, and reading numerous emails and communications obtained through open records requests, it is my understanding that Mr. Moore is allowing the district attorney’s office to interfere in an ongoing child custody case as a favor to a local wealthy family. Mr. Moore is well aware of the criminal acts committed by his office, and he continues to use his resources to attempt to cover up acts of public corruption, nepotism, and obstruction of justice. 

My statements are based on first-hand conversations and a growing body of evidence that is in the possession of the Attorney General’s office and the Hurst division of the Texas Rangers. 

On January 9, 2019, ADA Alfredo Valverde rejected a harassment case by [REDACTED]l. Under sworn oath, Det. Dunn signed her name to this fact on June 4, 2019. I have been advised by an active member of the Fort Worth Police Department to seek documentation related to this rejection. This documentation may include a note from Valverde describing his clear understanding of [REDACTED]’s now-documented intention of using the charges to separate [REDACTED] from her father.

After using personal connections, included the aid of the co-founder of Verghese Summerset, Ms. [REDACTED] gained access to Valverde. Over the course of early 2019, according to the DA, they met and formulated a plan to obstruct a FWPD investigation in favor of the [REDACTED] family. Det. Dunn refused to allow the district attorney’s office to interfere in a child custody matter. Valverde, according to the State’s Disclosure, was able to strong-arm Det. Dunn into pressing charges against me by bringing [REDACTED], the man who hid my daughter in his home and refused to allow my access to my child, to state that I was harassing him via answered phone calls. 

Shortly before Valverde called a meeting about my case and three months after the police officers were in possession of my call logs to [REDACTED], Sergeant Davis stated that “Det. Dunn does NOT believe the elements of the offense have been met, and I agreed.”

A meeting was called the following Monday or Tuesday, according to FWPD Lt. Walls. The DA leveraged a police officer to compel Det. Dunn to sign my warrant under threat of having the case reassigned. That crime, committed by our DA office, is called “obstruction of justice” under the Texas penal code. 

It should be noted that the DA, according to its own documentation, had a clear understanding of the then-ongoing child custody suit. The DA’s statement that I had “no right” to my daughter is baseless. 

One month later, Ms.[REDACTED] described her plans in full to ADA [REDACTED]. According to the DA, Ms. [REDACTED] planned to use my bond conditions to restrict me from seeing [REDACTED]. Ms. [REDACTED] stated that she wanted to keep me on probation as long as possible as a means of ending any hopes of reunification. The DA fulfilled [REDACTED]’s requests and placed [REDACTED] and the entire [REDACTED] family on my bond condition as Ms. [REDACTED]requested.

On September 30, I made Mr. Moore aware of much of the details outlined in this letter. Mr. Moore replied that he would look into the matter. What followed has been a continuous and failed effort to coverup public corruption.

On November 21 at the [REDACTED] Court, one of three lawyers present representing Ms. [REDACTED], [REDACTED], began the court proceedings by stating that the temporary orders could not proceed due to the fact that [REDACTED] was restricted from seeing his father due to the fact that the harassment bond conditions. [REDACTED] stated in court that the district attorney’s office had assured her that [REDACTED] was placed on the list of people I was restricted from seeing.

The district attorney’s plans failed that morning. [REDACTED] had the bond conditions amended just days earlier to remove my child from the bond conditions. [REDACTED]’s team of lawyers adjourned for well over half an hour in a failed attempt to formulate a new plan to restrict me from being united with my child. I will soon have a court reporter transcript of these events that will be sent to the Texas Bar Association and other local legal/law enforcement groups for their review along with additional sworn complaints. 

On November 12, after speaking before the Tarrant County Commissioner Court, [REDACTED] stated in an email that he had brought the police statements of public corruption to the attention of the DA. The TCDA used the subsequent meeting to cover up criminal acts that it had committed and self-documented efforts to obstruct a family court proceeding in favor of a wealthy family. 

One source with intimate knowledge of the DA’s efforts has informed me that DA officials are using the desperate ploy of stating that I have “mental health issues.” Details of the closed-door session, which were successfully appealed by the TCDA, will eventually come out, especially as the details of this ordeal are increasingly made public. 

That a wealthy family would use its resources to protect its name and interests is not a surprise. The efforts that Mr. Moore and the members of the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office have gone to aid them speaks to the culture at our DA’s office under its current leadership. 

If anyone who finds this letter through open record requests wishes to contact me for further details, I will be glad to describe this matter. Documents related to this case can also be requested through the Attorney General’s office via open records request.


Edward Brown








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