UPDATE: A Waxahachie Criminal Investor is inquiring into these events.

Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office,

I wish to file a complaint against ADA Alfredo Valverde. Based on conversations that I have had with one FWPD officer and other documents that I have obtained, it is my understanding that Mr. Valverde is complicit in acts that include public corruption and criminal obstruction of justice. 

I have provided these documents to the state attorney general’s office, and the prosecutor’s office there has informed me that a district judge should assign a district attorney pro tem to prosecute this matter. I have and am working daily to find a Tarrant County judge who will assign the DA pro tem as advised by the AG. 

On January 9, 2019, ADA Valverde advised Det. Dunn that the DA’s office would not accept a harassment case that [REDACTED] was seeking as a means of disrupting an ongoing family custody case. Shortly after, [REDACTED], a former intern with [REDACTED]’s uncle [REDACTED], connected [REDACTED] with ADA Valverde where they met, according to the DA’s office, around 10 times to discuss ways to compel FWPD to comply with the wishes of this wealthy and well-connected family.

According to Lt. Walls who oversaw the subsequent FWPD OIA investigation, Valverde called a meeting about my case. It was at that meeting that ADA Valverde committed the criminal act of obstruction of justice by strong-arming Det. Dunn to comply with the wishes of the Daniel family. 

Valverde insisted that my efforts to reach my [REDACTED], who was hidden from me for the first two years of her life, constituted a crime. The act of allowing a phone to ring was used as grounds for issuing a warrant for my arrest. When a wealthy family asks the TCDA’s office for a favor, and that favor involves strong-arming peace officers, and the DA’s office does that favor — that is called public corruption.

Edward Brown


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